CBD Flower requests have been rolling in and at CBD Pharm, we’re dedicated to bringing our customer’s the Flower that we choose for ourselves. To bring you not only the best quality flower, but the best strains on the market to make choosing your flower easy, we’re bringing the newest Flower from Organic American Cannabis Farmers and Lifted Made to our shop. From Sativas and Indicas to Hybrid strains we’ve got something for every person. This month we’ve added a brand new line of Flower called u r b , with 5 delicious strains full of CBG and CBD, in addition to our Sour Space Candy Flower. Check out this blog to see which strain is calling your bowl and don’t forget we have a blog dedicated to Sour Space Candy here: Joints on Point: Sour Space Candy


U r b  is a premier Cannabis brand made for the flower enthusiast and connoisseur. Delve into a rich experience, electrify your senses and elevate your mind and body. Welcome to the urban jungle.

Charlotte’s Web

A CBD dominant Sativa strain that is composed of 15.62% CBD, 0.14% CBG and 0.11% THC. According to Leafly.com* Charlotte’s Web is heavy on three terpenes; Myrcene which gives the Herbal flavoring, Pinene that adds a Piney scent and Caryophyllene which are the notes of Pepper. This hemp based strain means that there are no intoxicating affects from the flower that is found in THC dominant strains. Leafly.com* lists the reported affects as; relaxed, uplifted, happy, focused, creative, and can help with pain, stress, anxiety, depression and inflammation.

Stormy Daniels

An Indica, CBD dominant strain of flower that packs a powerful punch of flavor. The delicious combinations in this bud will leave a strong impression much like it’s namesake. Stormy Daniels was made by breeding Trump 1 with Cherry Blossom to create a Twitter rant worthy flower that’s composed of 15.3% CBD, 0.78% CBG and 0.10% THC. Rich in terpenes, the acai berry finish and deep diesel notes are a tasty way to unwind at the end of a long day. Grab Stormy Daniels by the joint or in a 1 gram or 3.5 gram resealable bag.

White Whale

White Whale is the CBG Sativa power house debuting in our u r b lineup with 15.0% CBGa, 2.09% CBG, and 0.20% THC. If you’re looking for the exclusive Rolls Royce of Cannabinoids you’ve come to the right spot an elusive and hard to grow cannabinoid, CBG is taking 2020 by storm and this strain proves it’s power. Frosted lime green nugs with orange hairs let you know this bud is hitting your taste buds with fresh citrus and hints of sweetness finished off with the energizing berry and hops aroma.


An OG Kush precursor, Jupiter will bring your orbit into balance with it’s earthy notes and splashes of lime and lemon. A heady aroma that connoisseurs will instantly love, this flower brings together 9.38% CBD, 0.69% CBG and 0.13% THC in an Indica, CBD dominant offering. Take this bud for a spin.

Mountain Mango

The Hybrid flower in our u r b line, Mountain Mango has an impressive heritage. Breed from the crossing of White Widow and Sensi Mango, this sticky lime green bud bears the best of it’s parents with a tropical and sweet blend of terpenes, and 10% CBD, 4.29% CBDA and 0.17% THC. Wrapped in Raw cones, the view from up here looks sublime, see for yourself.

prerolled joint

Sour Space Candy

Our first CBD Joint we introduced, this flower is the result of crossing Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami. This dense and colorful strain, hits all the right categories; flavor and quality. Herbal hints from the Myrcene, full splashes of fruit from the Terpinolene and hints of the pepper flavors from the Caryophyllene Terpenes. This one gram joint is out of this world for a pre-roll.


Smoke With Us


We pride ourselves on the CBD Flower we offer our customers and we’re glad you’ve chosen to smoke with us. With 6 amazing strains featuring CBD and now CBG, we’re sure to have something for every need. Tag us on our Instagram page and let us know which strain you’re smoking! Check us out with this link:  Shop CBD Pharm

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