One of our favorite things about CBD is that the options for every lifestyle are endless! Everyone has different goals and use CBD differently; some people use CBD daily while others may only occasionally use CBD. No matter your goal, we have a CBD option that’s perfect for you. Each delivery method for CBD has different absorption rates and we have a variety of strength and scent options to best fit your ideal product.In this blog we’ll walk you through the different delivery methods of CBD, their benefits and which options we have in those categories; taking the guess work out of CBD and helping you make an informed decision today.

Usually when CBD is brought up, people immediately think of rolling up a joint and sitting in a cloud of smoke, well it’s 2019 and CBD has moved on from being just harvested flower. Now you can choose to enjoy CBD in several affective methods; you can inhale CBD in a variety of methods, topically apply products infused with CBD onto your skin, or even orally ingest CBD. The most important part of knowing which option will work best for your lifestyle it’s easiest to start with two simple questions; first how often are you looking to take CBD? Daily or when needed? Secondly how quickly do you want your body to be able to absorb and utilize the CBD? Quickly or are you looking for a longer lasting affect with a slower absorption? For Daily use we recommend either a inhalable, an ingestible Tincture or a topical. For Chronic daily issues we recommend a daily tincture or inhalable, and for occasional use topical and inhalation are perfect methods.

Taking a more traditional approach to CBD consumption, inhaling has been the most common form of taking CBD. Inhalation can be anything from smoking CBD Flower, vaping CBD through a vape pen, vaping CBD E-Liquid juice in Vape Tanks and Pods, smoking CBD Oil using Cartridge Vape Pens, and smoking concentrated CBD Shatter using a Dab rig or a ceramic coil device. The best part about inhaling CBD is that the absorption into the body can be either immediate or rapid depending upon the method used. Every method mentioned above will be absorbed into the body immediately except for smoke CBD Shatter, that will be a rapid absorption into the body due to the shatter being a more concentrated form of CBD. Due to inhalables being so effective at delivering CBD you can use them daily or only when you feel like you need a dosage of CBD. When choosing an inhalation form of CBD you’ll have options to choose from different CBD strains and strengths. We’ll talk CBD Strains in another Blog post soon, but for now lets talk strengths and options:

  • The best option for low maintenance is our CBD Disposable Vape pens, they come in six different strains and have 100 mg. of CBD per pen with 100% concentration. The pen does not need to be recharged nor does it need to be filled, simply puff on the pen and you’re good to go. We recommend taking 5-6 puffs waiting 5 seconds between each hit and increasing the dosage as needed. Each pen has over 50+ hits depending on how deeply you inhale, delivering approximately 10 mg. of CBD per dose. The absorption rate is immediate and the effects usually fade within 90 minutes.
  • Cartridges are another easy and immediate method to taking CBD and are perfect for either daily or occasional usage. Our CBD Cartridges come in the same 6 strains that our disposable pens come in and they have either a 500 mg. or 1,000 mg. strength option. These carts have a 50% concentration and are used by twisting the cartridge onto a 510 battery Cartridge pen that you would need to already have and have charged, there are a wide variety of these pens on the market. For dosage simply inhale as needed, the 500 mg. will come in a .5ml cart and the 1,000 mg. will come in a 1 ml. cart. each ml. that you inhale will deliver 100 mg. of CBD.
  • E-Liquid CBD Juice is ideal for anyone looking for a more flavorful option of inhalation and will require a tank or pod system that you simply fill with the E-Liquid and vape as necessary. The E-Liquid is great for daily or occasional CBD usage and come in three strength options in 30 ml. bottles. Choose from either 250 mg., 500 mg. or 1,000 mg. strengths.
  • Lastly for chronic daily issues or for someone looking for the highest potency, we recommend our CBD Shatter Concentrates/Terp Sauce. There are the same 6 strain options in our Shatter line that are in our vape pens and cartridges, the shatter however has an 82% concentration with a rapid absorption rate and only come in a 1 gram 1,000 mg. option. For dosage you will need dabbing rig or a ceramic coil device and will need to start with a small amount of concentrate and then increase the shatter size for higher dosage.

If smoking/inhaling CBD is not your cup of tea, try our Topical CBD Line. With our topical line you can target specific areas on your body or your body as a whole depending on the topical. Absorption rates for our topicals are immediate and can be used daily or as desired and come in different strengths.

  • Our CBD Massage Oil comes in a 100 ml. pump bottle with either a 500 mg. or a 1,000 mg. strength option, has 100% concentration and comes in three different scents! Made with sore, tired muscles and aching inflammation in mind, this massage oil goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly through the skin and is made with Vitamin A and Vitamin E! Use a small amount and rub into your skin where desired, reapply as desired.
  • If a warm soak in a bathtub after a long day is your ideal for relaxing, our Epsom Salt Bath Soaks are perfect! With the same 3 scents as our CBD Massage Oil, this is a great way to prep your body for the massage oil. The Salt Soak comes in a 500 mg. bottle that is 32oz. in size. We recommend adding 1 cup of Salt Soak to a hot bath giving you 4 servings of 125 mg. of CBD.
  • In addition to our Salt Soak we offer a 3 pack of CBD Bath Bombs which each Bomb having 35 mg. of CBD for a total package of 105 mg. of CBD. Each Bomb works best in a hot bath with at least 20 minutes of soaking time. The Bathbombs come in 3 unique scents and we have a variety pack with one of each of the 3 scents too!
  • Our last topical is our Salve line that has the same 3 scents as our Bath Bombs and comes in a 50 g. luxurious jar that has either a 500 mg. or 1,000 mg. strength. This salve warms to the touch and can easily be spread over targeted areas. A little goes a long way, so apply a small amount to start and reapply as desired. Made with Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax this salve will leave a refreshing scent and hydrate your skin.

For the best daily CBD consumption we recommend our CBD Flavorless Tincture. Our tinctures come in our largest selection of strengths with options of 250 mg., 500 mg., 1,000 mg., 2,000 mg. and even a 5,000 mg.! Our tinctures are designed to be taken everyday and each 30 ml. bottle comes complete with a dropper so you have a perfect 30 day supply of 1ml. tincture. The breakdown for the strengths into daily doses based on a 1 ml. serving would be 8.3 mg., 16.6mg., 33.3 mg., 66.6 mg., and 166.6 mg. The tinctures are designed to be taken by placing the tincture under the tongue using the dropper and holding it for 30 seconds before swallowing the tincture. The application of the CBD allows your the main blood vessels in your tongue to absorb the tincture sublingually and pull it into your blood stream and has an extended absorption rate. Another great part about the sublingual consumption of CBD is that you can more accurately regulate the dosages of CBD you are receiving mores than the other methods of consumption we have discussed. Sublinguals also work quickly and the effects can be felt far quicker than by eating CBD that then has to be digested and only last as long as it takes to fully digest.

We covered a ton of information on all the different CBD options you have, hopefully now you can identify which products will work best for you on a daily and as needed bases. We’ll be blogging more in depth on each product and method of CBD Consumption but for now these building blocks of information should give you some assistance in picking out the CBD that is perfect for your lifestyle. Feel free to let us know any questions you may have and as always, be well!

-CBD Pharm

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