Traveling with CBD 

The winter can be harsh and we at CBD Pharm are beyond excited to catch some sun in LAS VEGAS for our three conventions this January and February, so if you’re looking to escape on vacation this year, rest assured, you can take CBD Pharm with you! We’ll dive into the do’s and don’ts of traveling with CBD so you can be vacay ready with this blog; the only thing we can’t help with is packing your suitcase .  



When traveling using any form of transport keep in mind the laws regulating the jurisdiction, state, or municipality that you are going to; different countries and states have different laws governing CBD. Always have proper documentation to go along with your products; we recommend keeping the packing to your items that you’ll be taking with you and keeping unopened product sealed. 

The key to packaging being so important, is that the labels will show just how much or how little THC is present in your product; keep in mind the magic number of 0.3% THC or lower. At the 0.3% THC rate the product is considered Hemp and not Marijuana in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. The second thing on the label to note is the “industrial hemp” portion of the packaging. In our updated log below of each state’s CBD policy, you’ll notice that many of the states require that the CBD be also derived from Industrial Hemp, don’t worry our CBD Tinctures, have this loud and clear on the side of it’s box. 


TSA guidelines changed in May of 2019 to correspond with the Farm Bill that was signed by President Trump in December of 2018. The Farm Bill identified CBD as Hemp which is considered by law to be an Agricultural Product and recognized as such by the FDA as long as the product contains 0.3% THC or less. All other products that have over the legal 0.3% THC limit are considered Marijuana and are considered Federally Illegal despite individual State laws like in California and Illinois where Marijuana is legal. The TSA had this to say about their Medical Marijuana policy, 

“Marijuana and certain cannabis infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA. (See the Agriculture Improvement ACT of 2018, Pub. L. 115-334.) TSA officers are required to report any suspected violations of law to local, state or federal authorities. TSA’s screening procedures are focused on security and are designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers. Accordingly, TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.” TSA CBD & Medical Marijuana.

The TSA also states that you can pack your CBD products in either your carry on or your checked luggage as long as you pack in compliance with the “Special Instructions” laid out by the TSA.  Here’s their tweet on a CBD/THC compliance customer question, TSA Tweet.

While the TSA does not have specific instructions for carrying CBD on a flight, we dug into the medical standards and have the link for you here: TSA Special Procedures.

For further information, check this post out by Travel Daily News, Flying with CBD 

The TSA also has a standard  liquids procedure to follow when traveling and should be adhered to if you’re traveling with any CBD Topical products or liquids, such as a CBD Tincture. For Carry Ons, the TSA will allow 3.4 ounces (100 ml.) or smaller sized product containers that must fit into a see-through 1 quart-size resealable bag. For your Checked Luggage, containers that are larger than 3.4 ounces are allowed; again we recommend a see-through bag to create ease in finding your product if your bag needs to be checked. Click the link for the official TSA liquids guideline: TSA Liquids Guideline

If you’re planning on taking your CBD Inhalables with you on your trip, keep in mind the TSA regulations regarding electronic smoking devices, which we have below. Always pack these in your carry on and don’t forget to take into account the liquids policy from above if using an E-liquid delivery method. Check out the TSA policy on electronic devices: TSA Electronic Smoking Device Policy



We understand that even on vacation you want to continue on your CBD routine so we’ve got a list of our favorite CBD Pharm products and why they are our traveling favorites! 

CBD TINCTURES: One of our most requested CBD products and convenient to travel with. Not only can you order whichever dosage strength you need (250 mg., 500 mg., 1,000 mg., 2,000 mg., and 5,000 mg.) and flavorless, they meet the legal requirements for both a carry on and checked bag liquid limit at 1 oz. Our packaging is also travel friendly; we have a security seal on our Dropper tops, we also clearly label with NO THC, 99% Pure CBD, and Industrial Hemp is also on our labeling as well as a License number and a Lab Results QR code. 

Pet CBD: Just like our CBD Tinctures mentioned above, you can take your pets’ CBD with you as well! Our packaging for the Pet CBD Tincture also identifies the bottle as having Hemp Extracted CBD, and has a QR code for Lab Results. Our Pet CBD is in a larger bottle, 60 ml or 2 fl. oz. so it’s airplane approved. Check our blog on CBD Pet Care here: CBD: A Tail Wagging Option

E-Liquids: Inhaling CBD through E-liquid juice is a convenient, and tasty way to add CBD throughout your day, even on Vacation. Our E-liquids come in various strengths, (250 mg., 500 mg., ad 1,000 mg.) and flavors, Strawberry Kiwi Menthol, Mango Pineapple, Blue Razz Lemonade, and Green Apple Watermelon and can fit in your carry on! Our packaging clearly states there is no THC, and is 99% pure CBD as well as having a license reference number and a QR code for lab results. 

Massage Oils and Salves: Take our aromatic CBD Pharm Topical line on your next getaway with ease! Both options are Pharm fan favorites and are compliant for the TSA liquids guidelines coming in at 3.38 oz. for Massage Oil and 1.76 oz. for the Salves. Both items have packaging with their license numbers as well as QR codes. 

CBD Pharm Disposables: If you’re looking to take disposables or vape options with you, we recommend sticking with the Disposables. With 6 different strains, you can take your favorites in your carry on. Our packaging states that it is Hemp Derived, 99% pure CBD, with no THC and includes a license number and a QR code for the lab results.*

*We recommend always calling your airport arrival and destination locations to confirm CBD disposables meet guidelines.  



We hope these insights into traveling with CBD has helped ease some of your vacation questions. We wish you a safe journey and we’re glad you’re bringing CBD Pharm along for the ride! Make sure to check out our blog on CBD skin care, CBD Skin Care: Nature’s Solution, and our blog on different CBD products, See CBD Differently, to see how CBD can make your trip complete! Be sure to tag us in all those vacay selfies and peek our LAS VEGAS Expo photos over on our Instagram page, CBD Pharm


For your travel ease, check out our chart below on CBD policies per U.S state.*



As we mentioned above there are a ton of different regulations on CBD throughout the US and internationally. Keep in mind the laws for your final destination as well as the laws relevant to any layovers that you may have. The following is a list of states and their CBD regulations*; for more information search your states here,


Is CBD Legal? Restrictions: 
AlabamaYesMust be derived from Hemp.
AlaskaYes Must be derived from Hemp.
ArkansasYesMust be derived from Hemp.
ConnecticutYesMust be derived from Hemp.
DelawareYesMust be derived from Hemp. 
FloridaYes0.5% THC or lower and derived from Hemp.
GeorgiaYesMust be registered to Georgia’s Low THC Oil Registry.
HawaiiYesMust be derived from Hemp.
IndianaYes0.3% THC or lower.
KansasYesMust be derived from Hemp.
KentuckyYesMust be derived from Hemp.
LouisianaYesMust be derived from Hemp.
MarylandYesMust be derived from Hemp.
MinnesotaYesMust be derived from Hemp.
MississippiYesMust be derived from Hemp.
MissouriYesMust have state issued Hemp Card. 
MontanaYesMust be derived from Hemp.
NebraskaYesMust be derived from Hemp and 0.3% or lower of THC. 
New HampshireYesNone.
New JerseyYesNone
New MexicoYesNone
New YorkYesMust be derived from Hemp.
North CarolinaYesMust have medical card.
North DakotaYesMust be derived from Hemp. 
OhioYesMust be derived from Hemp. 
OklahomaYesMust have 0.3% THC or lower.
OregonYesMust have 0.3% THC or lower.
PennsylvaniaYesMust be derived from Hemp.
Rhode IslandYesMust be derived from Hemp.
South CarolinaYesMust be derived from Hemp.
TennesseeYesMust be derived from Hemp. 
TexasYesMust be derived from Hemp and contain 0.3% THC or lower.
UtahYes Must have 0.3% THC or lower.
VermontYes Must be derived from Hemp and contain 0.3% THC or lower.
VirginiaYesMust be derived from Hemp and contain 0.3% THC or lower.
Washington YesNone.
West VirginiaYesMust be derived from Hemp and contain 0.3% THC or lower. 
WisconsinYesMust be derived from Hemp and contain 0.3% THC or lower.
WyomingYesMust be derived from Hemp and contain 0.3% THC or lower.
IdahoNOIllegal in every form.
IowaNOIllegal in every form. 
South DakotaNoIllegal in every form 

*DISCLAIMER: As always we try to provide you with the most up to date information. We advise checking the laws of each state/jurisdiction/municipality/country throughout each part of your travels. 





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